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Repulse (published in The Newcomer)
The Perception of Prejudice


Walking through the Past: North Wales
Walking through the Past: Dartmoor
Walking through the Past: Lake District & North Wales
Walking through the Past: Exmoor & Quantocks
Walking through the Past: Omnibus
A VERY Brief History of Britain

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The Best Bits of Physics

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Physics Problems for GCSE

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A VERY Brief Guide to AQA GCSE Physics 1
A VERY Brief Guide to AQA GCSE Physics 2
AQA GCSE Physics Module 1 - Teacher's Guide
AQA GCSE Physics Module 2 - Teacher's Guide

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AQA A-Level Units 8-13
AQA AS Sample Papers
OCR AS Sample Papers
REVISE Edexcel GCSE (exam tips and worked solutions)


The Best Bits of Physics - Teachers' Edition

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OCR B (Advancing Physics) - Imaging and Signalling
OCR B (Advancing Physics) - Space, Time and Motion
OCR B (Advancing Physics) - Physics in Action


Landscape Archaeology (Mountain Professional March 2013)
Transferring Skills from Caves to Mountains (Mountain Professional December 2013)
Stopper Knot with Figure-of-Eight? (Mountain Professional March 2014)
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Academic Papers

Blue LEDs and Lasers
High Resolution Electron Microscopy of Sapphire
Comparison of Pupils' Interest and Performance in Science Lessons
How Learning is Affected by Certain Developments
A Discussion of Some Factors Which Lead to Effective Teaching and Learning