Best Bits of Physics



BBC Bitesize Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Combined Science Foundation Workbook


BBC Bitesize revision resources help you to break your revision up into manageable "bite-sized" chunks, aiding planning and time management. They also act as a structured pathway to the BBC Bitesize website, with links on the pages to videos, learner guides, worked examples and quizzes, BBC Bitesize gives you a richer, fuller, more varied and effective revision experience.


The Best Bits of Physics - Teachers' Edition


This is the Teachers' Edition to go with 'The Best Bits of Physics'. It contains photocopyable worksheets, each having a passage and comprehension questions. It also has experimental instruction sheets. The content covers some of the key parts of GCSE, A-level and beyond. Topics include Conservation of Energy, Absolute Zero, Alpha Scattering, Space-Time, Standard Model and many more...

A few comments about 'The Best Bits of Physics':
"Engages the reader and inspires them to find out more."
"Clear and understandable. I like the conversational style."
"It made physics interesting, even magical."



Here are a few sample pages. Please feel free to photocopy and use. You can also share them with colleagues but I would ask that you do not remove the branding.
Rise & Fall of the Plum Pudding - a comprehension task on the Alpha Scattering Experiment.
Wave-Particle Duality - a comprehension task on photoelectric effect, electron diffraction etc.
Freefall Trajectories - an experiment to show that horizontal and vertical motion are independent.
Blue Sky - an experiment to show why the sky is blue and sunsets are red.